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At Remembrance Memorial Cleaning, we believe memorials should never be forgotten. It is because of this belief we decided to open for business and service memorials to the best of our ability. We never use harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes. Everything is done by hand to ensure no damage is done to the monument, and to be certain every crack and crevice has been thoroughly cleaned. Lichens, moss, and air pollutants can tarnish the monument's integrity, and a memorial is much more filthy than you believe!

Cleaning services are offered throughout spring, summer, and fall. Flower deliveries and adornments can be placed during the winter as long as the weather is fair.

Our Work


Cleaning Services Price
Small Monument (below 24") $40
Medium Monument (below 36") $60
Large Monument (above 36") Contact Us
Additional Services Price
Artificial Flowers $10
Fresh Flowers Market Price
Adornments (crosses, etc.) $15
Free deliveries within 15 miles of Honey Brook, PA.
Deliveries over 15 miles are subject to a $10 delivery fee.
There is an initial fee of $15 for locating and inspecting the monument, as well as contacting the cemetery for approval.
Adornments and flowers can be placed after a cleaning with no delivery fee.

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